Leigh Cameron

Leigh-CameronCameron Portrait 800px
Leigh’s work explores concrete and the possibility of radically changing our perception. He works with an age-old material in an innovatory manner to develop and explore the proletariat tacit information hidden in a two thousand year history. His work is centred on developing a new context and aesthetic dialogue, considering concrete as a material; investigating its diversity, structural strengths and limitations, as well as its weight, adaptability and content; and exploring texture, colour, shape and ultimately the relationship to other materials.

Leigh’s career as a cabinet maker and his experience of construction gave him the unique opportunity to research and develop his practice during his recent MA. This enabled him to gain valuable knowledge and expertise to understand the integrity of the materials he uses.

Leigh's work has opened up a new dialogue around concrete bringing it down to a more intimate scale. Reconsidering our perceptions, this emotive material has been repositioned as a contender for the modern world and as a lifestyle choice,making concrete more assessable and acceptable. he has developed and refined skills around the craft of concrete and delivers an honesty and simplicity to the use of concrete in a contemporary context.

To see Leigh's design journey, visit his MoDA project page.