Charlie Smith

Charlie-SmithSmith Glass Making 800pxCharlie Smith graduated from Wolverhampton University in 2014, and returned immediately to explore her practice further in the institution’s MA programme.

“I make one-off sculptural pieces in glass and found materials,” Charlie says. “I am inspired by the notion of restriction, often looking at the human form and its relationship to bondage as a starting point. I specialize in glass blowing and often use found objects such as cages as formers into which I blow the molten glass.

Smith Glassware 800px"I blow glass into and around found objects such as wood and scrap metal. Often I will cut and shape the wood before blowing the coloured glass into the void I have created. These objects become part of the final artwork. I love the way the glass becomes restricted after blowing so that it will only fit back into the space created for it. I experiment with colour and my inspiration from the work can be found in nature such as the due drops in the early morning on a tree branch.”