Loveness Li

Loveness-LiLoveness Li enjoys challenging and pushing the boundaries and rules of different techniques that she has learnt to aid the outcome of her designs. In her new collection “Catalyst”, which was shortlisted for MoDA Arthur Silver Award 2014, she has altered ancient, traditional jewellery techniques cuttlefish casting and patination.

Loveness Li Work

What intrigues her about using this developed version is not knowing what shape is going to come out until she opens the cuttlefish bone. For the patination, different textures of the surfaces, temperature, and purity of the chemical solution all affect the colours. Therefore, each piece is one of a kind.

Loveness has always been fascinated by Chemistry, Biology and Physiology. She injects resin into a lamb’s heart, which creates a set of resin veins and then combined with silver to create brooches. Every heart has different shaped veins, how and why the veins are the shape that they are is a scientific fascination. The shapes are random and coincidental, which is the aim and value in her collection.