Nusha Purdey


Nusha Purdey graduated from Central St Martin’s having written a play for Hampstead Theatre, and spent time at UCL Art Museum as a Researcher, focusing on historical work by pioneering artists which were linked by a desire to experiment with new materials, theories and reproduction techniques. She has since worked at GX Gallery in Denmark Hill as a gallery assistant and the National Portrait Gallery as a buying intern.

“My practice is based around the use of photography as a raw material,” Nusha writes. “I use images of the female body throughout my practice; cutting, distorting, photocopying and manipulating the images so that information is lost from the original image. The issue of feminism and women’s equality not translating universally, particularly in eastern and collectivist cultures, is an intrinsic issue that recurs in my work.”

“My most recent pieces involves screen printing and installation using photography and manual manipulation,” says Nusha. “My practice is nearly always about the process, which for me is the most important part of making a piece. I feel that the repetitive process of printing reflects the manual / industrial concepts I have been researching and reflecting on.”