Robbie Shepherd

Illustrator Robbie Shepherd is a graduate of MiRobbie-Shepherdddlesex University. “I love drawing,” Robbie says. “For me it’s a form of expression and I find it therapeutic. I like to draw without any set boundaries or plans and so my work tends to just come to mind as soon as I put pen to paper. Drawing provides a place where you can explore your own unconsciousness.”

““La Pandilla”, which Robbie showed as part of Yesterday’s Future, “is a graphic novel concept I created for my final year at Middlesex. My original inspiration was the brutal Mexican drug cartels and their various means of initiation as a means of making a living, and intimidation. The six scenes show various scenarios and scenes in a fictional world of gangs and violence. I am planning to create an original storyline that not only explores the guns and violence prevalent in this culture but the struggle and friendships formed through these conflicts.”