Leigh Cameron

Cameron Process Work 1 800pxLeigh’s work explores concrete and aims to challenge our perceptions of this ancient material. His work straddles the artistic, industrial & commercial, through a variety of different scales and forms – from public art and furniture to smaller, more domestic pieces including jewellery.

Leigh focused almost immediately on the colour charts that form a major part of the Hasler collection at MoDA. On first appearance, colour charts seem like quite a mundane choice, the kind of everyday design tool which is often overlooked or thrown away as trends and technology move forward. But it was in this area that Charles Hasler sought inspiration. He was an avid collector of everyday objects, some of which he incorporated and transposed into his own work as a graphic designer. His process of exploration, and now Leigh’s, contains a kind of alchemy, making the familiar no longer feel that familiar – which is one of the foundations of good design.

During this project Leigh has focused on the possibility of using colour to tessellate and log moments in time, whilst also investigating the relationship of glass to concrete. He asks:

“What happens when you sink glass into concrete or paint concrete on glass? How can you create patterns with colour and concrete and what happens when you mix them all together? Maybe nothing interesting, but maybe the beginnings of something extraordinary. Come to the exhibition and see for yourself…”

To find out more about Leigh and his work, visit his artist page.
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