Yemi Awosile

Awosile Process Envelopes 800pxAs the starting point for her commission designer Yemi Awosile was inspired by some of the examples of printed paper that Charles Hasler collected. On first appearance, these samples seem like quite a mundane choice, the kind of everyday design which is often overlooked or thrown away. But it was in this area that Charles Hasler sought inspiration. He had a particularly large collection of used envelopes from the 1960s, retained to celebrate the insides, which were traditionally patterned and often quite decoratively.

Yemi followed his path, showing that taking a second look at seemingly insignificant things can take you on a productive and at times unexpected journey.

Her Packaging Series is a new range of textiles accessories designed to celebrate print and process in everyday materials. This new body of work plays of the juxtaposition of form and function and the interactive nature of packaging.

Hasler was a passionate collector of graphic design source material such as invitations, prints, packaging, and manuscripts: everyday objects, some of which he incorporated and transposed into his own work as a graphic designer. He was involved in many high-profile exhibitions, displays, poster campaigns and book publishing in Britain and his work includes wartime exhibitions like ‘Make Do and Mend’ and Transport for London posters.

This body of work draws ideas from the visual cues found in a range of reading material. It uses print and folding techniques to look at the fast changing landscape of identity and branding through the simple use of colour and geometry.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, Yemi has produced materials and textiles for objects and spaces. Her practice is driven by industry-led research, special commissions and collaboration across a range of disciplines within manufacturing, design and the visual arts. She has exhibited widely, including the South Bank Centre and Victoria & Albert Museum.

To find out more about Yemi and her work, visit her artist page.
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